Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our products.

Where can I check my Order Status?

  • When your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email which shows that the order is being prepared for shipping. You will also receive another email, including your tracking code, when your package is shipped. 

What are the Shipping Times?

  • We usually ship within the same day or next day after the order is placed and shipping times usually are 3-5 days. 

Where do You ship?

  • Currently we are only shipping to the USA, this can certainly change within the foreseeable future.

Do the Fragrances Change in Formula or Ingredients?

  • No it does not, we do not change formulations and ingredients. This helps us to provide the best ingredients and quality possible for the customer. Our integrity means a lot to us and this is something we change or implement.

How long does a fragrance last?

  • Longevity is a huge focus to us. Typically from our experiments we see 10-12 hours as the average with our fragrances on skin and over 24 hours on clothing. This should be able pass a full work day, or a long event. Most of our customers say over 12 hours.

How do You test out a Fragrance?

  • Make sure to always spray it on yourself or on skin for best results.
  • Spraying it on clothing is great but spraying on skin provides best results.
  • 1 Spray each side of neck, 1 spray each side behind ears and 1 spray behind neck is a great start. Spraying clothing can also help silage, projection around you and longevity. 


How Do I protect my Fragrances

  • For best results to store your fragrances, put them in a cool and dark place. Make sure to utilize(use) the cap that comes with the fragrance if it does.